Time To Go 11/1/13

Time To Go

For the past nine years, as most of you do not know, I have worked a full-time job, in addition to Soul Of Miami, Life Is Art, and PhilanthroFest. Most people I meet think I actually work full time for Soul Of Miami OR Life Is Art OR PhilanthroFest, depending on what context in which I meet them. But, the fact is, those have all been off-time gigs, while I worked mostly full-time at Henry Stone Music. Some of you have come to know this, but I know for many of you, it will be a surprise.

So this is the big announcement:

Now, as of today, November 1st, 2013, I am working for my own projects full-time.

I have stepped down from my full-time gig at Henry Stone Music to pursue my own destiny. Working for Henry Stone has been a fantastically educational experience. He has been in the music business in Miami for over 65 years. His depth and breadth of knowledge of both the business and city is amazing. I will still be working with them on an as-needed contract basis. And, Life Is Art is still the fiscal sponsor for Beacon Films production of Rock Your Baby the documentary film in development of Henry Stone’s life in the music business that changed the world. We are very excited to see that finished soon.

But, now it is time to go. Time to get going on our own projects, some of which have already been started, some of which we have yet to create. We have spent the last five years building our network and reputation. We built a very popular website, we have created over 60 events, including PhilanthroFest, we have introduced hundreds of artists to thousands of new fans, and provided them with some education to help them take advantage of their talent. We plan to continue to build on that success and really “take it to the next level.”

(You’ll notice I continue to use the word “we” instead of “I.” That is because I am nothing without my team, especially my partner Annette Peikert, and everyone who has joined with me in our common mission of making the world a better place.)

Someone said to me yesterday, “I always thought you did this full time [Life Is Art / Soul Of Miami / PhilanthroFest]. Now that you ARE actually doing it full time, I can’t imagine how great it will be!” Honestly, that is how I feel. And that is one of the primary motivators for me to take this step. I look back at all we have accomplished utilizing our spare time during the weeknights and weekends, and I can look forward to being able to accomplish so much more now that I can dedicate my full time to it.

Yes, it is a risk. Yes, I wish we were better prepared. Yes, I wish we had more regular revenue. But. At some point, you just have to go for it. We have finally gotten into the position where now is the time, this is the place.


Who is ready?


It is.

Time to go.

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