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Every time I talk to one of Miami’s changemakers, I gain more insight. There is so much going on that is never talked about publicly. Very interesting journey. via Facebook

Hanging out at the #vote305 event

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Is anyone else not seeing their events calendar on Facebook? I’ve tried on 3 different browsers. via Facebook

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Chatting with a friend the other day, I said, “I don’t believe in being content.” No surprise to anyone, I suppose. I think I used to know that, but I think I had forgotten. via Facebook

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If you live an inspirational life, you do not need to post “inspirational” internet memes and you really will be an inspiration, rather than just a quote stealer. via Facebook

If it’s Tuesday, it must be… @woodtavern

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All set up for the #MiamiArtsBrigade meeting. Thanks to @BACMiami for hosting. @artsbrigademia marching on for the #arts !

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The @miamiandbeaches getting serious about fixing transportation, including real training for taxis and legalizing Uber & Lyft

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At the @miamiandbeaches meeting @pamm, the @mayorgimenez talks about the importance of the #arts in #tourism and the #community

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The artist @dcontrerasarts working away at the @miamiandbeaches luncheon @pamm

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