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What’s your favorite Thanksgiving song? via Facebook

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Does white wine go with mac ‘n’ cheese? via Facebook

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Hey, sorry to anyone who might have felt dissed tonight. I’m so dead, my brain is completely non-functional and I know I drifted off a few times mid-conversation. Totally not personal via Facebook

Boundless Brooklyn Water Towers painted by local street artists @itsyomiami

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Seriously, why?

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Superficie by Alexis Diaz. #fordistas

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Just found the best way to park downtown. Don’t park downtown and take the #metromover

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#BookFair. So Miami gets a lot of flack for being illiterate and shallow, yet we have the biggest book event in the country. Maybe it is time for misperceptions to change

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So, after just 5 hours of sleep, I’ll see how many grant applications I can get done for the The Miami Foundation #Accelerator program before 4pm. via Facebook