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If you need me this weekend, I’ll be in a coma, sooo… good luck with that. via Facebook

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#LateNightRant While there is no question that most of the buildings could use a little TLC, pushing out the working families is just terrible. This is my neighborhood (thankfully my building was spared) and I very much enjoy living around just regular folks, moms, dads, kids, abuelitas, people who do not post selfies on social media every day. People often ask why I do not move to some core location on the mainland, and one of the main reasons is that I do not want to be surrounded by the type of narcissistic nouveau wannabe yuppies that these developers are looking to attract.

But, more importantly than my disdain for narcissistic nouveau wannabe yuppies is the additional #traffic issues this will cause. By moving all these people, who are mostly hospitality workers at the south beach hotels and restaurants, off the island, you are going to create an even larger traffic issue across the MacArthur Causeway, which is already #epicfail By moving the yuppies who work downtown or Brickell onto south beach, you create even MORE traffic across the causeway, just the other way. The goal for development should be to encourage people to live near where they work, like the financial-centric high-rises in Brickell do. Pushing downtown workers out into the suburbs is exactly what got us into this situation in the first place.

This is absolutely a failure of our city and county planners. via Facebook

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For those of you that were wondering, I just confirmed that this beautiful stack of wood is at the corner of Euclid Ave and Espanola. I am still trying to determine the status of it, and how it is going to be disposed of. I do not know how long they are going to leave it there before carting it off, but it is a shame that it is totally unguarded at night, though. via Facebook

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Okay, this is going to sound snarky, but it is not meant to be. Do any of the Facebook experts know if there is an easy way to see a list of Friends you have Unfollowed? via Facebook

#littleHaiti community discussion with @thenewtropic at @yeelengallery

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Excited to have a meeting with a big radio star tomorrow! Aileen Leigh rocked it on WLRN Public Radio and Television today talking about the amazing work that the Opa-locka Art does for this severely underserved community. Life Is Art, Inc had a great show with them last year and look forward to something even bigger and better this year! I have BIG ideas! (Now I’m sure I’m making her nervous.)
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BP reported lower profits and is cutting thousands of jobs. Get that straight, they are not losing money. Still making a profit, just not quite as much. Are they punishing those decision-makers who made bad decisions? No. Just those workers who have been faithfully doing what they are told. Because they did not make enough money. via Facebook

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It is ridiculous that you need to sign a petition to tell our politicians to do the right thing, but you do, so go do it now. via Facebook

Look at all this beautiful discarded wood from construction. Does anyone know what happens to it? #imaginarium

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