A little booth dancing by @thepumagirl while waiting for our food

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At @SodeSeafoodFest #SobeSeafood with @SpamAllstars rocking the main stage

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Amazing seafood, flowing drinks, chef battles, great music and raising money for a good cause. @SodeSeafoodFest #SobeSeafood

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Ever wondered what a good night looks like? @SodeSeafoodFest #SobeSeafood

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Okay, seriously, is there something wacky going on with social media today? Facebook won’t show me all of my own wall. Now Twitter is showing an error page when I try to look at my notifications. WTF via Facebook

Where am I?

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Check out the Luis Valle exhibit at the @MDPLS Main Library! Way to #supportlocalart

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#GiveMiamiDay information session with @MiamiFoundation

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Just got my absentee ballot. I am responsible, but lazy. Whee. via Facebook

Vote now! Text VOTE5 to 22333 for the @knightarts people’s choice award

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