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Meetings today with Knight Foundation and The Miami Foundation, maybe a few others, try to finally get some real funding up in here. If any of our fans wants to encourage them to help out, your support would be very appreciated. via Facebook

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Recommendation for a cheap weekend getaway within 3.5 hours drive of Miami. Emphasis CHEAP. GO! via Facebook

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It’s always surprising to me how many people are working on a Sunday. Miami seems to have this reputation for not being a hustling town, but I disagree. And, that reputation is changing. Yes, there are a lot of people who enjoy the balmy Caribbean weather, but there are also a lot of people who are working their asses off. Miami is a very interesting place right now. via Facebook

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The way I figure, if I just make enough of a nuisance of myself, people will eventually take notice. I’m not sure it’s working out, but it’s my plan. via Facebook

When you get out, you sometimes run into the most amazing stuff. Awesome singer at a little gallery in #BirdRoadArtWalk

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Dear Friends, as you know, for years, we have been trying to do our bit to help our community. It has been a slow process, but growing. It seems that some people truly appreciate what we do, so we keep on trying. On this Tuesday, at our monthly River Of Art show, we will have a couple of exciting announcements about new programs that hopefully will be helping us to take the next step upward. If you can make it, we would love to see our supporters there. If you’re too busy, I totally understand. via Facebook

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Today’s #shoutout goes to Hank Justice DJ Hank Justice. He has been such a great supporter of our work. Every time you see him playing for Life Is Art or any of our partners, he is probably volunteering his time, or playing at greatly reduced rates. He brings his own gear, sets it all up himself, and is awesome at always matching the music to the crowd. If you see him spinning, buy him a drink! via Facebook

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ATT’N: Florida Attorney General: STFU via Facebook

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It must be hell living in the apartment below us. We drop stuff so much it probably sounds like herds of Bison up here all the time. via Facebook

Some of the creative cocktails by the @cocktail_conjurer at @cocktailcollection

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