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#SharkWeek – pretty much everything else is more likely to kill or injure you than a shark including the bathroom sink. via Facebook

#Repost @lifeisartfest< The F.A.M.E. Food. Fashion. Art. Music. Entertainment. Kick-Off

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I really think that many people think I know more than I do and have more than I do. I don’t really try to project that image purposefully and I’m not really sure why it happens. But, I get requests all the time for knowledge I do not have and resources I do not have, that people seem to assume that I have. I hate to disappoint them. Sometimes I think they might think I am just blowing them off, but I’m really not. via Facebook

Introducing Dark Matter? Maybe I miss the presentation? No idea what’s going on

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Okay, I am officially adopting #onfleek as part of my vernacular. I am going to abuse it until all the kids decide it is uncool and quit using it. I’m taking the grenade for you guys. You’re welcome. via Facebook

Definitely #onfleek . #Repost @lifeisartfest: Look how lovely this is! I love that @booksandbooks opened up at the @arshtcenter. Thanks to @MiamiNewTimes for hosting the #IronFork pop-up here tonight!

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What do you consider an average response time to a non-time-critical email? via Facebook

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#Debate Blockbuster movies: art or entertainment? Looking specifically at big hit movies that gross in the many millions. Art can be entertaining, of course, and often is. So the question is: are big hit movies art that happens to be entertainming or are they just entertainment without any real cultural significance (not that there is anything wrong with that)?

This is a debate, not an argument, so keep it civil and present supporting evidence to your side. I am really curious. Go! via Facebook

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Not only has my church been blessing same-sex marriages for decades, it is now creating specifically sanctioned gender-neutral language to make damn sure no one can question our support of marriage equality. What has your church done today? via Facebook

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I have really scaled back my goals in life. Used to be, I dreamed of owning a yacht on the Aegean, now I just want a decent toaster. via Facebook