#GiveMiamiDay information session with @MiamiFoundation

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Just got my absentee ballot. I am responsible, but lazy. Whee. via Facebook

Vote now! Text VOTE5 to 22333 for the @knightarts people’s choice award

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Fabulous #breast #cancer #fundraiser with @valenzuelausa at @rikraksalon

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New Leaders Council Why Miami? Event

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I just seriously nearly drowned in about 1 ounce of iced tea. #drinkingproblems via Facebook

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Dear Friends, my good friend Jonathan Rose is in dire need of volunteers to help mount an interactive art installation featuring a goodly number of books.The opening is this Saturday, October 25th, so the need is pressing. If you can help, even just an hour, please comment or message me and I will connect you. Schedule is flexible, so anytime you can work is good. via Facebook

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So, this is the crazy thing, more people die in the USA every year from Flu than have died in all of West Africa from Ebola. Ebola is only transmitted via bodily fluids or licking dead people, while the Flu is transmitted easily through the air when someone just breathes near you. Now, people want to ban travel and wear spacesuits on airplanes, while they still refuse to get the Flu vaccine. via Facebook

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Hello friends! Who do I know that works at Ball & Chain? We have a cool event we want to co-host there on November 20th! Hit me up ASAP if you can make an intro. via Facebook

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An interesting quote I just read:
“Studies have long shown that stress can have a lasting, negative impact on the brain. Exposure to even a few days of stress compromises the effectiveness of neurons in the hippocampus—an important brain area responsible for reasoning and memory. Weeks of stress cause reversible damage to neuronal dendrites (the small “arms” that brain cells use to communicate with each other), and months of stress can permanently destroy neurons. Stress is a formidable threat to your success—when stress gets out of control, your brain and your performance suffer.”
by Dr. Travis Bradberry

We’ll get back to this discussion later. You know I have a lot more to say about this. Things need to change in #Miami if we are not to lose all of our fabulous #changemakers. via Facebook