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I am sure the one of you out there works for/with the Vagabond Hotel Miami. Please hit me up! via Facebook

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Total travel time 8:00am EST to 4:00pm CST, about nine hours. Arrived sans luggage. Total time standing in lines, nearly two hours. #holidaytravel via Facebook

Meanwhile in Miami it’s 30 degrees warmer and lush green. I will be out of town for a week. I will still be available via all the normal channels (pretty much anything other than phone). Have a great holiday and see you for NYE!

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People who bring the entire contents of their house as carry on baggage should be drug out in the street and shot. via Facebook

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Seriously, it took us, no kidding, 3 minutes at the check-in counter. We had 5 check-ins in front of us when we got in line. It took them 30 to process one person, then about 20 total to process the next 4. People who fly unprepared should just be left on the ground. Thanks to one moron, we don’t have time to enjoy breakfast. via Facebook

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Why do I always get in the line with all the morons in it?

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“I’m leeeeeaving on a jet plane…” (maybe)

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Have you ever been to the airport and thought, “Have these people never done this before???” via Facebook

Good music, good art, good food and good people, what more do you need for a good #bignightinlittlehaitu

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#Recommendation: Okay my smart friends, you always have such great suggestions. We are looking for a space in which to host our 6 year anniversary party in late January or early February. We really need to raise some money, so we are looking for somewhere that would sponsor the space.

We are looking for something different, fun and funky. Would prefer not to use the same places that usually host these kinds of things. Someplace in the core, Coconut Grove, Brickell, Little Havana, Downtown, Wynwood, Design District or Miami Beach. It does not have to be posh, it could be sketchy or raw. We are hoping for 250-300 people, so it has to be big enough to hold that many. If you have such a space or know someone who does, please connect. via Facebook