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Unfortunately, not an April Fools joke. via Facebook

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Dale Dade! Who’s with me!?!??!?!!! via Facebook

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WHAT DAY IS IT???? via Facebook

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It’s a meetingful day via Facebook

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I was speaking to someone about the art on a barge/boat the other day and I cannot remember who. If it was you, here is what I was referring to via Facebook

Ending a #tech #business #entrepreneur conference with #arts #music is the right way to do it! #startupmiami

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Full house for #startupmiami on a Monday

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From 5 years ago at a friend’s house with my old Palm Pre. Time flies. For some reason, Facebook wanted me to see this. via Facebook

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JOB OPENING from a friend:

“Paris Perfumes Inc. is seeking an enthusiastic, motivated self-starter who is highly detail-oriented, committed and has the ability to continually improve and innovate. The prospective candidate should have the capacity to manage projects with minimal supervision. This is a hands-on position and requires a creative thinker, strategic planner, who’s able to carry a project from the idea stage all the way through to execution and measurement. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are essentials.
The selected candidate will be responsible for both the strategy and execution of the company’s marketing campaigns and programs, focusing on cost-effectiveness and ROI. This role requires the creation and management of the luxury brand’s marketing strategy, including, but not limited to: E-mail Marketing, Advertising & Content Creation (both print & digital), Marketing Sales Support, and other marketing initiatives that directly correlate to the brand’s exposure in the market. Some of the other responsibilities include identifying growth opportunities that are in line with brand strategy. Experience with luxury product launches is a plus.”

Message me and I will send you the email to apply via Facebook

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Excellent video about our recent #RiverOfArt from Daniella Veras! via Facebook