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Thank you to everyone who is sharing our Life Is Art 6 Year Anniversary Party. Truly I cannot express my gratitude. It is no exaggeration to say that your support is all the keeps us going. Without you we would have given up long ago. Not even kidding.

(PS: Don’t forget to give people your promo code for discount tickets, or just use the generic one LIA6.) via Facebook

Happy (hour) birthday @antjphotog

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My thumbs are sore Joshua Kingston via Facebook

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We’re all damaged a little bit. The point is to share our strengths, to let our undamaged parts complement each other. via Facebook

First @miamiandbeaches breakfast of 2015, getting the new year rocking!

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#RandomLateNightFacebookQuestions: If you could do whatever you want for 8-10 hours a day, and get paid for it, what would you do?

It has to be something productive. No, “sit around the couch and eat bon-bons.” But, it could be anything productive. via Facebook

Super swanky affair (kinda) for billionaire turned inspirational author, Mike Fernandez @humbledbythejourney hosted by developers of @ParkGroveMiami, David and Pedro Martin and Jorge Perez. #makingconnections #rubbingelbows #fundraising

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This is how we do it at @afpmiami board meetings. #changemakers #superheroes

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Plotting something awesome! #RiverOfArt @lifeisartfest @OLCDC

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Sitting here at Panther Coffee next to a hipster tourist couple. They don’t seem to realize I can hear them. It’s pretty cute. via Facebook