Motivation Within

(A quick note, I am taking part of the Social Media Club South Florida 30 Day Blog Challenge that runs through November, 2013,)

Today, because it is Saturday and I have lots of work to do, will be short.


Motivation comes from inside you, not outside. Listening to someone else talk about their accomplishments, or tell you how awesome you can be, or exhort you to action can be inspirational, but it is only when you look at yourself and say, “I am doing it,” not “I can do it,” not, “I will do it,” but, “I am doing it,” only at that point is it motivation.

Yet, that is not really it, either. It is only when you get up and start doing it. And then the next day you get up again and keep doing it. And then the next day you get up again and do it some more. And the next day, you get up tired from doing it, but you do it anyway. It is only when you do it and keep doing it, only then are you feeling true motivation.

But, hopefully, this will be a little inspiration to help you be motivated:
070203 Everglades Deep Lake Hike 005 HIDDEN TREASURE

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