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“I don’t have time to blog”

I get this a lot. As I mentioned in my first post “Start a blog,” I am a big blogging evangelist. But, I get this response a lot, “I don’t have time to blog!” Bullshit.

Let me ask you this, who is your favorite on “Desperate Housewives”? Who is winning on “America’s Got Talent?” Who’s your favorite sports team? Are the dead winning over at “Walking Dead”? Yeah, you have time to blog, don’t give me that nonsense.

I have two Life Is Art events coming up in the next couple of weeks AND I have to keep up with all the events added to Soul Of Miami AND I have to create our ever popular Art Basel Week Guide, and here I am writing. Yeah, I’m late for my daily blog post, and it is past 2am, but I’m doing it. Here’s a couple of Meme’s to piss you off and hopefully get you motivated:

Oscar Pistorius from memegenerator.net

credit: memegenerator.net

Paints Epic Murals Without Hands or Feet - Your Excuse In Invalid via cheezeburger.com

credit: www.cheezeburger.com

13/30 #SMCSFblog

The New Paratime

Well, that’s kind of a play on the words paradigm and time, of course. As most of you know, I have moved from having a full-time job working for someone else, to working for my own companies. To summarize, for the past 5+ years, I held down a full-time job while also working Life Is Art, Soul Of Miami and PhilanthroFest. On November 1st, 2013, I resigned from my full-time job to pursue my own businesses.

One of the things I have noticed right away about this change is the massive change in my time. After so many years of juggling so many things, I had gotten good at estimating how much time it would take to get anything done, given that I only had my off-hours to do it, nights and weekends. Now, my brain is having to adjust to the new time paradigm.

I mean, objectively I know I have an additional 40 hours per week to get my business done, but it still has not really sunk in. So, I find myself still stressing about stuff that is unnecessary. I am sure this will go away as I adjust, but for now, it is a very odd feeling.

Day 5/30 #SMCSFblog challenge (posted a day late)
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