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A bad month for a blog challenge

So, for those of you who do not know, Social Media Club South Florida issued a challenge for the month of November to blog every day. I took this challenge and I am damned determined to see it through.

Unfortunately, November is INSANELY busy for me. I just quit my regular job to focus on my own businesses full-time and I am WAY behind. We have an event on November 18th and another on December 2nd. I have seriously been working from the second I get up until the second I can no longer see the computer screen. And, then I made this commitment to blog every day.

So, today I am blogging about how I just don’t have time to blog. But, I committed to do it every day, so I am doing it. That is what perseverence is all about, and that is what creates success. You commit to something and you see it through. So, even though I am barely coherent and 21 minutes behind, this is my day 12 of 30 #SMCSFblog post and by dammit I am going to make all 30 days.

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“Start a blog”

“Start a blog,” I always tell people, “get free stuff.” Of course, nobody listens to me. Nobody (ever) takes my good advice. And, it does sound silly, ridiculous even, like one of those internet urban legends. “Start a blog and you get free stuff?” Sounds like nonsense. But, it is totally true.

Don’t believe me? Ask any regular blogger. If they maintain a reasonably regular schedule and are at least decent at writing and write intelligently or entertainingly about their subject, I guarantee you they will confirm that they have at least been offered free stuff.

Of course, it isn’t free. One has to develop a following and a reputation for consistency and quality before this free stuff comes. That takes time and effort. In reality, it would probably just be quicker to spend the time flipping burgers and buy the stuff; but there are times, surprisingly common times, when you receive an opportunity that you would not otherwise have been able to access were it not for your blog. But, you will never know unless you start.

So, I am finally taking my own advice and starting a blog. After 4 years of being one of blogging’s biggest proponents, I am putting my money where my mouth is. Or rather, my keyboard. Where will it lead? Who knows. But that is beside the point. The point is to start the journey, only then will you get where you are going.