A bad month for a blog challenge

So, for those of you who do not know, Social Media Club South Florida issued a challenge for the month of November to blog every day. I took this challenge and I am damned determined to see it through.

Unfortunately, November is INSANELY busy for me. I just quit my regular job to focus on my own businesses full-time and I am WAY behind. We have an event on November 18th and another on December 2nd. I have seriously been working from the second I get up until the second I can no longer see the computer screen. And, then I made this commitment to blog every day.

So, today I am blogging about how I just don’t have time to blog. But, I committed to do it every day, so I am doing it. That is what perseverence is all about, and that is what creates success. You commit to something and you see it through. So, even though I am barely coherent and 21 minutes behind, this is my day 12 of 30 #SMCSFblog post and by dammit I am going to make all 30 days.

061008 Miami Carnival Center Opening Carnaval Parade 001 WELCOME TO MIAMI

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