Social Post May 19, 2014 at 09:49AM

#MondayMorningMusings: Has anyone else noticed that these pop-up markets seem to fail with startling regularity? You know the ones I mean, there are all types of them, and they come in for a few weeks or months and then just shut down. There are a bunch of different types, green markets, fashion, craft, antique, or any combination thereof. But, none of them survive longer than a few sessions.

Everyone seems to think they are a good idea, it seems like a new one pops up every month. But, none of them ever last.

Other cities, both large and small, have ongoing markets of various types. Dallas has this pop-up tech market that has been going for decades. There’s the Hell’s Kitchen market in NYC that has all sorts of random stuff. And there are plenty of small towns that have monthly markets of all sorts. But, not in Miami. I wonder why that is.

There are a few here that seem to survive, such as the Sunday markets on Lincoln Road, but those all started before the big boom. Anyone know of any markets started in the past 4 years that are still around and thriving? Just a funny thought that I had. via Facebook

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