Social Post May 18, 2014 at 09:02PM

#AlwaysOn: So, as most of you know, last weekend we went on a little cruise. For those that do not know, the cruise ships now have art shows and auctions on them. It’s pretty cool.

So, as I’m talking to one of the hosts, I ask if she has ever taken time to visit Wynwood and check out some of the wall art when she is in town. We talked a lot about the art in Miami (she is not from here) and what we are doing with Life Is Art, Inc.

Followed up via email with some suggestions for what to do and look for in Wynwood. Might even be providing a tour or something. Hoping to eventually get some Miami artists represented in the onboard galleries. Might never work out, but at least we converted a new fan of Miami art. via Facebook

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