What are you doing tonight?

I know I’ve written about this before, but I think it is worth an update. A lot of people ask how we do it. It is kind of two different questions, but with a similar answer.

Many people just mean it as, “how do you seem to be at every event in the city?” and some people mean it as, “how did you build up Soul Of Miami, Life Is Art and PhilanthroFest from nothing?” The first question answers the second. Getting out to as many events as possible to meet people, trade cards and hand out flyers is SUPER important to building a real network. Social media is okay, and I have met some good people through it, but in-person is still where it is at. That is, I think, what sets us apart from many others.

As far as answering the first question, there are two key parts, 1) give up TV and 2) make a list and stick to it. Giving up sleep helps, too. As an example, here is our list of events we would like to hit tonight. Probably will not make them all, but we will do our best. The times listed are just their running times. We will add our schedule to that, so that we make it in and out of each one in time to make it to the next. Also, remember, include drive/parking time.

So, herewith, tonight’s “WantTo” list:

4-6 Dwntwn Art Days Meeting

5-7 Wine Down Wednesday with Inna Sense

6-9 Apollo Bank Food & Rum Festival 1150 South Miami Ave

6-9 Fabulous Miami Multichamber of Commerce Business Card Exchange Machiya Midtown 3252 NE 1st Ave. Ste 116

7-10 Kalyn James Celebrates WPBT2 ArtLoft 2nd Season BeeFree Media Gallery (in the Wynwood Hollywood building) 2313 N. Miami Ave

6:30-10:30 25th Annual Festival of Chefs at Comber Hall 1251 Palermo Avenue, Coral Gables

070704 4th of July Surfcomber Miami Beach 002

Day 6/30 #SMCSFblog challenge

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