Social Post October 20, 2013 at 11:27PM

#LateNightRant – Want to get on my bad side? Here’s a quick way. When you see me out at some event with a full plate of food about to chow down, just go ahead and come up and start telling me your life story. Yeah, that’s what I like, I’ll just stand here holding a big plate of food, salivating all over it, while it gets cold, listening to you prattle on about your week.

I mean, seriously? This is so rude.

Sure, if I am just grabbing one of those micro-appetizers that some places serve, okay, come say hi, AFTER I have swallowed. But, if I have a full (not empty) plate, that’s probably a really good indication that I am starving. At least have the courtesy to give me five minutes to wolf down a little sustenance before launching into your most recent awesome story. It’s just plain common courtesy!

I am sure that your ever-so-important bit of information will be just as riveting a few minutes from now. I can GUARANTEE you that you will have much more of my attention if I am not standing over a full plate of food with my stomach growling and my head pounding from hunger. If we do happen to bump into each other, say hi, say “I’ll talk to you after you eat,” then walk away. But don’t make me stand there for 10 minutes with a full plate of food.

And, if I ever do that to you, you have my complete permission to look down at your food, look up at me, give me the stink-eye and turn right around. I totally will not take offense. via Facebook

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