Social Post July 12, 2014 at 10:42AM

So, this is what I wonder: don’t people ever wonder how they make a ninety-nine cent hamburger? When I was a child, I did not understand economics enough t question this. Now that I see how that works, it is a question that comes to mind when facing a $.99 burger.

I mean, think about it, most place sell hamburgers for $4, $5, $7 or more. Even if you go to the store, you would be hard pressed to buy the base ingredients for a hamburger for $.99.

So, how do they sell a whole hamburger for $.99? Where do they save the cost so that they can sell it for so little? This is one of the issues you face when shopping purely on price. You have to think, why is one price so much lower than another.

Obviously, I know the answer to that question. Years ago, I asked that question, and I researched the answer, and now I rarely eat a $.99 hamburger. But my question is about the millions and billions of people who do eat those $.99 burgers all the time. Why are THEY not asking this question? What goes through their head when they look at the prices. Do they think it is magic?

I mean, you can’t just make money out of nothing (unless you’re the Federal Reserve, but that’s a different discussion.) To lower the price, you have to lower the cost. It’s just an economic reality. So, where do they think those cost savings come from? Why aren’t they asking this question? I dunno, just seems weird to me. via Facebook

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