Social Post July 09, 2014 at 04:00PM

You know… people often talk about how hard the event permitting procedures are in #Miami, but I have to disagree. We are working on a project for later this year, one that is kind of tricky (for reasons that will become clear in a couple months), and the permitting office has been nothing but really helpful. They are fast to respond to questions. They offer ideas and solutions to issues that they identify. And they are just generally pleasant to work with. And, they genuinely seem to want you to succeed, while keeping everyone as safe as possible.

For example, I have left our application in limbo for a few weeks while we worked on other stuff, and one of the permitting people just emailed me to check and make sure everything was okay. I replied with some more information and questions and she responded right back with answers. I mean, seriously, how cool is that? via Facebook

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