Social Post January 29, 2016 at 11:30AM

Okay, I could use some help. I’m trying to write this massive thing for Life Is Art, Inc. Not even sure what to call it, basically and explanation and justification for what we do and what we want to do. I’ve written the same stuff over and over in like nine different ways and now I am trying to bring it all together. And I’m just feeling very uninspired. Writer’s block, maybe. Fear of moving forward. Burnout. Who knows. Something.

Yes, I’m drinking a little to help loosen me up. No, I don’t smoke pot, so don’t bother suggesting that.

Maybe if you have a minute, you can help me with some inspiration. Talk to me about what you think about what Life Is Art does. Or, what you think we need to do? Or, what you think needs to be done, in general? What do you need? What have we helped you with? What are your hopes and dreams? Just anything really about what needs to happen to make Miami a better place to live. Anyway, thanks. via Facebook

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