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#LateNightRant: I am SO sick of holidays. Every year about this time, I get this feeling of “can’t we just get on with our life???” Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, all within a period of just a little over two months. What idiot stuck all the big holidays together? We couldn’t have spread them out over the year?

Not to mention that, for most people, they stuck the holidays in the worst weather of the year. Fortunately, here in Miami, November-December is actually pretty nice, but when I go to visit friends and family for the holidays, I usually end up having to endure unpleasant weather. The planning here was epic fail.

I have to admit, I’m not much of a sentimental person. I like getting work done, it feels good to accomplish stuff, and these repeated interruptions, especially around the end of the year, really make it hard to get rolling for the new year. For almost two months, it’s hard to get anyone on email or the phone or in a meeting. Everyone falls way behind, they are all on vacation or holiday or shopping for food or gifts or cleaning up after parties or hosting guests or being guests, or whatever, but not working.

Yup, that’s it, you can call me Scrooge, but that is tonight’s rant. via Facebook

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