Social Post December 20, 2013 at 11:26PM

What a randomly fabulous night! We were just planning to drop by GALERIA ADELMO for a bit for their opening, but we got there a little early and were going to grab a slice at Mancini’s, but as we were walking there, we got hijacked by a bunch of people who said, “follow us”, which we did, then the PR lady showed up and asked if we were there for the media tasting at Miami Smokers and, of course, we said yes, so we went and tried some AWESOME bacon-based treats (I would kick small children to get to the candieid bacon) and saw some people we know and met some new people, and then by the time we got back to the courtyard, there was this huge party going with free beer and wine and music, and after we grabbed some of that, we did finally make it to our original destination and hung out a while and saw some great art and talked to more friends there, so then we figured we would go check out 6th Street Container alternative art space, which we thought was out of business, but it turns out they are still rocking, so that was awesome, and we went upstairs, which they renovated into this nice little lounge, and ran into a friend we had not seen in forever and she told us some wonderful stories of her time in Puerto Rico working on perma-farming and we met more new friends, and by the time we got back down to the courtyard there was this whole pig they had been roasting in the coals, with all the fixins, all for free and it was so yummy, and a bunch more people we know had shown up and we met a whole bunch of new people and talked until we couldn’t anymore and then we went up another upstairs to the 6TH Street Dance Studio and met the director and a couple of the dancers and talked about ways we could help them out it was fabulous what they are doing and then finally we came home and crashed. Now THAT is the way to do the Friday before Christmas! via Facebook

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