Social Post April 13, 2016 at 09:55PM

Dear old bitter disillusioned cynical Miamians, I finally get it. I really do. I would like to apologize for any of the times I might have mocked you or disrespected your opinion. I really had no idea.

I see what you see now. Hundreds, thousands of people working so hard to do what is right to make our cities better, people who really understand what needs to be done and how to do it, who have experience and knowledge from research and deep connections to the community literally killing themselves to try to make a better place for our residents to live, work and love.

And then the leadership comes in and does things so colossally stupid, it is beyond belief. It is like they are specifically doing the things that are the direct opposite of what would be the smart and right thing to do. It really is mind boggling. It is so surreal, you cannot even believe it is happening in real life, it feels like some bad science-fiction TV show.

I understand your frustration, now, after 13 years. And frustration does not remotely do it justice, what you are feeling. I’m not sure there is a word so strident as to properly express that feeling of extreme incredulity at how bad it is.

So, once again, my apologies to you, the real Miamians, for not listening to you, not respecting your insights all these years. via Facebook

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