It Can’t Be Done

I’ve heard a lot of this. In speaking with someone about ideas, I hear, “Oh, that can’t be done.” Or, “We tried that it didn’t work out.” I hear all sorts of variations on that. The government won’t support it. The people won’t support it. The weather won’t support it. Whatever.

The problem is, what I usually am thinking is, “well, maybe we should try different tactics.” The thing people seem to forget is just because YOU cannot do something does not mean it cannot be done at all. Different people have different skills. I can’t change my oil in my car, but that doesn’t mean nobody can. It just means I need to get someone who knows how to do it, or I need to learn how to do it myself. (Mostly I’ll find someone else to do it.)

So, while it is important to listen to the advice of those more experienced, it is also important to be critical of that advice. Look at it and find where they went wrong and correct that for your own plans. The goal is to understand that nobody knows everything, but everybody knows something.

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