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So, for those of you who know me, you know I am not always the most positive person. My Facebook #LateNightRants are fairly (in)famous. I drunk rant on Twitter sometimes, also to much acclaim.

But, it is more than just being a lunatic on social media. I pretty much just tell it like it is. I try to keep it somewhat reserved, but if you ask me “How are you,” you may get more than you bargained for. If I have an event that sucks, or business is doing bad, or I am not feeling well, I don’t do very well at hiding that. I admit it. I even wrote a long description of my breakdown of a couple years ago.

Yet, I have been counseled, numerous times, to keep things on the bright side. If an event does not go as well as planned, keep a positive spin on it. Keep things positive. If things are not going good, put on a sunny smile, anyway. It is actually a common strategy and one that many, many people and businesses use. And if it works for them, great.

But, I don’t buy into that. I’m more into “keepin’ it rrreahh”. I like to be “representin'”. (Bonus points for identifying those quotes.) You know, life is what it is, sometimes good, sometimes bad. I think people appreciate it when you are more like a human and less like a billboard. I think that letting people know that things are not always sunshine and flowers lets them trust you more.

If all you ever do is accentuate the positive, even when things go wrong, how will people trust you? How will they know that you are not just leading them along? If all you ever say is good stuff, while hiding the bad, then people have no way to know whether you are being truthful at any given time.

People know I will tell it how it is. If things are going badly, they know I will tell them. That way, when I say things are going well, they can also know I am being straight-up. I guess this is what they call being genuine.

Of course, same issue applies in reverse, you don’t want to overdo it and be a negative-nanny or whiner, so just admit when things aren’t perfect, but don’t overdo it and complain all the time.

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