Changing the World One Day at a Time

You see this is what our banner says. You might wonder what we mean by it. This came up in a PhilanthroFest steering committee meeting a while back and I liked it so much, I appropriated it as one of our slogans. Essentially, it means that every day everyone can do something to make the world a little better, and if everyone does a little something, the cumulative effects will be huge.

In the circles I run around in, there is a lot of talk about being a “leader” or “innovator” or “changemaker” (a buzzword I cannot stand), et cetera. All of this is a lot of pressure and may lead some people to not do anything because they cannot do everything. They are nonsense, you do not need to be a “leader” or an “innovator” or a friggin’ “changemaker” for pete’s sake to do something to help make the world a better place. You just have to be a concerned human. That’s all.

Changing The World One Day at a time just means do something small every day to make a little difference. Maybe you cut your shower short a couple of minutes. If everybody did that, imagine how many billions of gallons of water we would save. Maybe you bike to the market once a week, instead of driving. Maybe you give one dollar per month to your favorite charity. Seems like a little? If all 300 Million USA citizens did that, it would add up to over three-and-a-half BILLION dollars for good! Just for one dollar a month. Just a small thing, but it adds up so much.

So this is it. Don’t feel overwhelmed by trying to do ridiculous stuff. Just do a little every day and the cumulative effect will be enormous.

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I use this photo as the accompaniment for this particular writing because it is a perfect example of what I am saying. Those look like full-sized plants, but actually, those leaves are barely a quarter of an inch across.

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