Art Basel Killed January in Miami

I think this will come as a surprise to many people.

As host of one of the most popular calendar / event websites in South Florida, Soul Of Miami, we have a fairly unique barometer of the activity of the local residents. We can see how active everyone is by the rise and fall of our traffic. We also can see how busy the scene is by the number of events listed each month.

When we look at our numbers to see the slowest month, many people would guess August or September because they are the height of summer and supposedly the slowest months of the “off-season” in Miami. But, the fact is that January is our slowest month, in terms of visitors. There are still approximately the same number of events in January as other months, just fewer people looking for them.

Going into January, we have Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving, followed by Art Basel, followed by Christmas, followed by New Year’s Eve. There are other big events thrown in there like Miami Book Fair. No wonder everyone is tired by January!

So, how about our busiest month? Again, a surprise. You would think it would be November/December, as everyone is coming in for Art Basel, and we have an excellent roundup of the happenings. But, it is actually October.

In this, we can see an opportunity. Everyone is looking for haunted houses. By far, our most-visited page that month, or any month, is the International Mall House of Horrors. Miami has a significant lack of haunted houses, as compared to other similarly sized cities. But, this is something the residents obviously want. There are a couple more that have popped up, but still very few.

So, there is a little Soul Of Miami resident analytics for you. Do with it what you will.
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