Social Post September 24, 2015 at 10:09AM

Just a heads up, I will be mostly offline starting tomorrow through October 6th. Finally taking a real vacation. Can’t afford it, of course, but also can’t afford not to, so we are doing like any good ‘Murican and putting it on our nearly maxed-out credit cards. My internet connection will be very limited, I’m not even bothering to take my computer.

On that note, your #ProTip of the day is that if you are looking for a real getaway at a good price, try cruising. Go in the “off” season and it is hard to beat. It really is one of the best deals for vacation time. For what we are paying, it would cost quite a bit more for hotel, restaurants and entertainment at any regular destination. Book earl. We booked about 4 months out and saved a lot.

Now, I have to finish up this massive grant report before I leave! (The grant isn’t massive, but the report is.) via Facebook

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