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#ProTip: Everyone has talent. Watch this little video to find out how many people care – (hint, it’s less than one). What people really care about, what real businesspeople care about, is persistence. Anyone who has been in business for a while, has seen zillions of bright newbies come along (they were one themselves years ago), and seen almost as many get discouraged and quit.

Everyone has talent. Everyone is bright. Everyone has great ideas. None of those make you special. This is the harsh truth. Yet, this is the thing that so many people crow about, until they get smacked down a few dozen times and either give up or realize what is of real value. The things that are of real value is persistence, tenacity, resilience.

This is sometimes tough to hear for people who think they are the best thing since sliced bread. But, the good news is, being tough is a learnable skill. It is something anyone can do, but so few do.

Every time you get knocked down, just get back up. Every time someone turns you down, go and ask again. If you do that enough times, eventually you will learn the respect of the people who have been through the same thing before and they will give you a chance.

You may think you may be able to get around the tough road because you are so darn special, but when you learn the hard way that this is not true, I will be here waiting with your “Itoldyaso.”

Anyway, I have to go scrub the dirt out of my bruised knees again, so maybe I’ll see you at the finish line. via Facebook

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