Social Post May 19, 2015 at 09:22PM

Okay, there are very few living creatures that I seriously dislike. I happily share my home with a number of spiders, for example. All those critter that gross many of you out, I find interesting and understand their place in the world. Even mosquitoes do not really bother me. But the one thing that I really cannot stand are Mayflies.

We get like billions of them in the apartment and they lose their wings and die all over the place. Every time I go to take a shower, I have to wash several dead down the drain. Their bodies gather in the dozens under the TVs, in the kitchen, all over the bathroom, on the windowsills. They land on me all the time. Fly in my eyes, my hair, all over. They love computer screens. It is just SO gross. And just when you think they are gone, another horde springs forth.

I don’t really know what to do about them. You can’t really put out poison like you can for ants or roaches. I mean, they don’t bite or anything, they just die all over everything and gross me out. via Facebook

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