Social Post March 19, 2015 at 12:09PM

Check out this future rendering of Downtown Miami put together by the Miami Downtown Development Authority

Personally, I am a fan of downtown density. It saves a lot of energy because people do not need to drive as much, it creates synergies because of the close proximity of others, and it puts together a critical mass that allows for more innovative and experimental projects to happen. It also mitigates the need to push ever westward into the Everglades, which is a huge benefit specifically for Miami.

We do need to combine the development growth with a similar growth in the quality of life aspects, otherwise there is no sustainability. People will not stay long in a city with no heart and soul. Those that do stay will be unhappy. Keeping in mind the need for cultural activities and sustaining those with real backing is something that Miami has not done well historically. We are pushing that conversation forward and we do have others on our side. The movement is growing every day.

Check out this research study done by the Knight Foundation a few years ago to see the need for social and cultural connections. via Facebook

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