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So, that was an interesting experience. As most of you know (I hope), our organization Life Is Art, Inc, has been creating the pop-up art shows #RiverOfArt for several years now at restaurants, bars, hotels and other non-traditional art spaces. Usually we host them around the core, mostly from Coconut Grove to Design District or so, downtown, South Beach, and these areas. Yesterday, we hosted our first one out in the real suburbs, in Kendall.

Last night, we had the best ticket sales and turnout of any ROA event in the past two years, since we started charging for tickets (not including the special big one we had in Opa-locka last month). Not only that, but the attendees seemed really engaged. Many stayed for hours, people talked to each other, people talked to the artists. It seemed that most everyone was really interested.

When we were invited by Bahama Breeze to host the River Of Art at their location, we really had no idea what to expect. I know I did not expect to have the strongest ticket sales ever.

This kind of mirrors our experience a few months ago at the kick-off for the The Leah Arts District in Hialeah. We expected around 500 attendees, but about 1200 showed up. And, again, people were really engaged.

So, now both of our non-core shows have gone significantly better than expected. While I am definitely a city-boy urbanite, I look forward to spreading our programming out more into the other areas of the county. Our motto for these types of programs is “taking the art to the people” and it seems that is a really viable objective. via Facebook

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