Social Post February 05, 2016 at 10:39AM

#LateNightRant While there is no question that most of the buildings could use a little TLC, pushing out the working families is just terrible. This is my neighborhood (thankfully my building was spared) and I very much enjoy living around just regular folks, moms, dads, kids, abuelitas, people who do not post selfies on social media every day. People often ask why I do not move to some core location on the mainland, and one of the main reasons is that I do not want to be surrounded by the type of narcissistic nouveau wannabe yuppies that these developers are looking to attract.

But, more importantly than my disdain for narcissistic nouveau wannabe yuppies is the additional #traffic issues this will cause. By moving all these people, who are mostly hospitality workers at the south beach hotels and restaurants, off the island, you are going to create an even larger traffic issue across the MacArthur Causeway, which is already #epicfail By moving the yuppies who work downtown or Brickell onto south beach, you create even MORE traffic across the causeway, just the other way. The goal for development should be to encourage people to live near where they work, like the financial-centric high-rises in Brickell do. Pushing downtown workers out into the suburbs is exactly what got us into this situation in the first place.

This is absolutely a failure of our city and county planners. via Facebook

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