Social Post February 01, 2015 at 11:55AM

Thank you so much to everyone who came out last night, bought tickets and supported our cause, to our Mayor Levine, Vice-Mayor Malakoff, The Commissioners and The City Of Miami Beach for the wonderful proclamation, to our Artists and Entertainers, Bows & Ties, Montserrat Franco, Jane “Jei” Castro, DJ Hank Justice, Ileana Collazo, Aquarela Sabol, TeePop, Nicole Salgar, Kikimora Studio, Amy San Pedro & Meredith Barton, Oscar Fuentes Freshly Squeezed, for their beautiful work, to our sponsors Hotel Astor, Blue Nectar Tequila, Tropicult, MiamiArtZine, Alban Communication and Miami Social Marketing for their amazing support, to our Host Committee Tyler Sminkey; Nick Betancourt; Michael Gongora; Marcelo Rivero; Liza Gallardo Walton; Lisa Concepcion; Joaquin Ortiz; Fritz E Romeus; Charlotte Libov; Adriana Oliva; John Mahoney; Yuval Ofir; Edward Oberle Lopez; Liza Santana; Gabriel Pineres for their help in sponsorships and ticket sales, to our Board of Directors Alex de Carvalho; Annette Peikert; Anthony Jordon; Claudia Claudia Ximena Figueredo; Daniella Veras; Greg Romanelli; Ileana Collazo; James Echols; Jonathan Rose; Joshua Kingston; Kat Barrow-Horth; Paula Turk; Reed V. Horth for their help bringing their friends and making it happen, and for our hard-working Event Chair Ken Wilcox, for all his time and tireless dedication. We love you all. via Facebook

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