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#ProTip: If you want to break Facebook’s algorithm and actually see all your friend’s posts in (more or less) chronological order, this is what you do.
1) Create a Friends List.
One way to do that is to:
– 1a) Go to your profile by clicking your name in the upper right.
– 1b) Click on Friends.
– 1c) Hover over (or click) the down-arrow in the “Friends” box next to the first of your friends.
– 1d) Choose the “Add to another list” option.
– 1e) Name the list.
2) Add all your friends to that same list.
– 2a) For each friend, again hover over the down arrow
– 2b) Choose the “Add to another list”
– 2c) Choose the new list you just created.
3) Go back to your “Home”.
4) In the left-hand navigation column, look for the the “Friends” section, it may be down a ways.
5) If you see your new group there, click the gear to the left of it which appears when you hover. (if you do not see the new group, skit to 7.)
6) Click the “Add to Favorites”
7) If you do not see your new group in the left-hand column, click the “More” to the right of “Friends” which appears when you hover.
8) From this list, click the gear to the right of your new list and click Add to Favorites.
9) DONE! Now, whenever you want to see your friend stream without all the extra nonsense, just click the list in your favorites at the top of your left-hand navigation column.

(Please note, I have not 100% confirmed that it shows all of the friends in this list in proper order, but it appears to do so.)
(Note #2, there are other ways to create a Friend’s list and add friends to it, but this one works for this example. Use whichever you prefer.) via Facebook

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